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 "Today's Vices" by Hibou
~ available now for listen and purchase ~

Hibou’s music is for anyone who has ever seen the inside of a dark bar at last call...

...or have ever felt like Robyn or Metric were writing songs just for them.

     Singer Tracey Adams-Thibaudeau’s voice is a warm gun polished with gin and tears.  Her cynical sweet songwriting makes you feel as if she is extracting secrets from your inner 12-year-old’s diary and whispering them into the ear of your burned-out 9-to-5 commuter. 

     On Hibou’s first  album, Today’s Vices, Tracey’s musical partner, Sergio Yahenda pulls out the tones from her voice with his throbbing guitar, heart-widowing beats and BFF back-up vocals, as well as being the production genius behind all their musical arrangements.

     Since they formed Hibou in 2006, they have been steady climbers in the Toronto indie music scene, having performed as live featured guests on radio stations CIUT and CKLU as well as playing to sold-out crowds at numerous Toronto venues including: The Drake, The Gladstone, and as part of Toronto Pride and NXNE.  They’ve also had the opportunity to play Stateside when they performed at The Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida as one of a very small handful of live performers at the massive, legendary electronic music festival.

     Hibou’s music is visceral and consuming.  It’s the perfect fusion of pretty and sad.  It transcribes itself as goose bumps on your skin and demands to be played on repeat in your head.


"Hibou makes beautiful, elegant music. Their songs are classy, cool and so unique you're forced to pay attention. Their live performances are a showcase of supreme vocals and instrumentation."
Adrian Brijbassi, Toronto Star


“Hibou’s crushing melodies composed of Tracey’s lovely voice and Serge’s smooth guitar and electronic production sends a sound that subtly penetrates through the insincere, overly produced music that saturates the airwaves.  Having electronic and indie influences with a hint of lyrical play makes Hibou move beyond traditional genre labels.  Once you open your ears to Hibou, their music will carry you away and not let you go.”  
Mykelle, “Take Five” CIUT 89.5fm


“Their music has a bluesy, airy, electronic sound well-suited to a 3 a.m. rendezvous on a summer patio for many glasses of wine and small cigars.”
Emily Mathieu, Toronto Star


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